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Kevin Kelly

Software Systems Designer

Manufacturing Solutions Architect

Software Development Team Leader & Mentor

IT Director - IT Manager

Are you world class? If so, you need a world class software designer on your team. My vast experience in manufacturing software systems will add the talent to your team that will ensure a successful project.


I am an IT manager/developer seeking engagements that utilize my talents in the following areas: systems development, project management; deployment & training; designing, developing and installing MES, manufacturing/ERP systems, sales/e-commerce solutions, CMMS, LIMS, WMS and process/SCADA/DCS systems. I have been highly successful working alone as the sole IT person for systems as large as 250 seats (400+ employees) and in working with small teams for 2-6 where each skill is highly valued.

My background and skills are strong in developing successful end-to-end systems. Excellent people skills coupled with strong analytical skills provide the perfect member of your team, especially in management roles. My skills as a manager & team/project leader are equal to my skills as a rapid software developer, which will provide you with superior value. All these skills combined provide a very complete business cycle solutions background.


Kevin Kelly
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Very proficient software systems designer with great managment, mentoring and communication skills. Architect, mentor, DBA, systems designer and developer with emphasis on manufacturing systems. MES, ERP, RF, Bar-coding, EDI. Varied background to provide your project with a well-rounded individual with excellent people skills.

Proven leader in manufacturing systems including the relationship between business and process data. An excellent addition to your staff if you are looking to make changes that lead to improved profitability.

Work History


Kelly Systems

Software Systems Designer

April 1994-Present

Camstar Systems


October 2007-August 2008


Sr. Lead Developer

October 2003-February 2005

Munro & Company

IT Director

May 1992-March 1994

Willamette Industries


September 1978-April 1992



Paper mill IT management and process systems support. Administrator for GE Fanuc Proficy, OSIsoft PI. Responsibilities include inventory, production, quality, shipping, shop floor and bar coding applications. Infrastructure management and supervision of one employee and one contractor. Reporting directly to President of company.

Energy Management System support including development, software & hardware support for the System Operations Center. Focus of work was with SCADA, displays, redundant systems, multiple server support and most subsystems of the EMS. Special project was implementation of a risk management strategy for the SOC.

Systems & Database Architect for ERP systems at three production facilities. Lead developer overseeing a team of 5 programmers.  Tools included the use of Visual Basic, SQL7, ADO and DDE.  All this software was built to run in a 24/7-production environment. Interim IT Director for the company with $200M sales and 400 employees in two-plant complex. Worked with CEO & VP/Operations together with GE Capital to create value at a Pennsylvania site for its eventual sale to Temple-Inland. Created sales system that monitored on-hand inventory in real-time, and then interfaced the sales to the Great Plains Dynamics accounting system. 
Programmed software to create on-demand bar-code labels at the finished good packaging stations on the shop floor and was support lead for the Oracle databases. Created interfaces for laser thickness systems to a real-time monitoring via PLC & direct connection to the process hardware. Architect of the QC laboratory database for tracking process variables leading to failures using a MS-SQL Server database & Visual Basic. Installed a Microsoft Exchange Server to replace various outside mail accounts in a 250-user environment. In charge of hiring IT staff and director to maintain the site once it was this groundwork was completed. Projects included ERP, CMMS, LIMS, Sales, Accounting & SCADA.

Lead IT consultant on G-Ps ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software selection team. Assisted in selection of the production, sales & maintenance systems. Determined key features of the system through extensive industry experience. Designed inventory control system (WMS) for all finished goods. Also played integral role in establishing & contracting with Wonderware for 300 copies of HMI (human machine interface) SCADA software for the corporation. Laid groundwork for their efforts in rolling out a production reporting system for all plants. Production defects tracking system for a South Carolina facility. Maintenance management (CMMS) including assets, work orders & storeroom for that facility.

Inventory control systems (WMS) designed and installed in several sites around the US.
Interfaced Intellution HMI software to Oracle database for tracking of process variables for a medium density fiberboard facility.
Webmaster for several web sites including, &
Designed a time tracking software system for a 50-user engineering firm.
Network designer for systems as large as 250-seat WinNT multi-server, multi-building networks. Designed and installed networks using Windows NT/2000/XP and Novell for various small to medium sized companies.
Application development in Unix & OpenVMS environments including applications against Oracle databases.
Past-chair of the National Forest Products Association (now-AF&PA) EDI subcommittee.

Designer for manufacturing execution system using the object oriented, data driven InSite system. Clients serviced include bio-tech and bio-med. Design software through data manipulation rather than coding to deliver a highly configurable product to each client.  Work from home office with about 50% travel.

Paper mill MES & scheduling software support using inventory management, optimization, bar-code labeling and various development software to support the 6 company-owned paper mills.

IT Director with oversight responsibility for 15 people in operations, analysis, programming & data entry departments. Budgetary responsibility for this department was $950,000/year. Projects included migration of programs from RPG to client-server applications, creating and implementing departmental IT charge-back system, designing a bar-code system for shipping 1,000,000 pair footwear inventory and AS/400 performance tuning. Purchased and installed the largest single AS/400 in Arkansas in 1993 for $1,000,000. Upgraded their multi-site data/telco network to fractional T1. Selected and implemented multi-site 200 number Nortel PBX phone system to replace Centrex service. Projects included MRP, WMS, Sales, Marketing & EDI.

Main programmer for 7 plants in Oregon, Arkansas, South Carolina and Louisiana. Built systems to track and pay for raw materials. Create programs to track inventory with bar-coded on-demand tags for internal use and specific to customer demands. Storeroom tracking via bar-coded tags for part and tool check-out by site employees. Shipping and invoicing system that included bar-coded removal from finished goods to create shipping paperwork for all North American shipments. Developed several highly sophisticated software programs to general profitability analysis by products manufactured in the production facility. Developed and implemented payroll software to track labor costs via an interface to Kronos attendance system. Installed and managed the first AS/400 in the company. Created software to interface to determine density of wood using a nuclear (Am) device. Developed over 250,000 lines of code using the CA-Clipper software development language. Projects included ERP, CMMS, LIMS, Sales and WMS.


.Net, .Net 2005/2008, Visual Basic VB 6, SQL 2005/2008, Oracle, OSIsoft PI, GE Fanuc Proficy, Plant Applications, Camstar,

Clipper, Perl, Java

Windows, Windows Server, Linux


Computer Science

Louisiana Tech University



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